What describes you best right now?

I'm at a crossroads or have questions about my purpose & where I'm headed in life.

Clarity is what you likely need. Head on over to the Akashic Readings page to see if this could be useful for you or schedule an Astrology Reading.

I'm stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted by mom life.

Private 1:1 coaching might be the right next step. Email me to chat so we can determine how I might be able to help and if we are a good fit to work together.

The last few years have been tough. I'm ready for a full "reset", I'm craving connection and ready for some fun experiences.

Can you say RETREAT TIME?!?! Check out the Retreat page to get the details on upcoming retreats.

Start where you are now

Where you begin depends on where you are. There are so many courses & coaches promising to solve all your problems with their proven methods ...maybe you've bought a few (or more than a few...no judgement here!) but you are unique and what you need can't be found on a store shelf (or virtual shopping cart).

So let's go back to the basics together.

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Calm after working with life coach

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