Hi, I'm Jennifer.

Whatever the reason that drew you to my page - I want to thank you for being here.

We haven't met yet but I know you are a beautiful soul with a big, deeply feeling heart and an inner fire for life (even if that fire is just glowing embers at the moment).

I would welcome the opportunity to connect with you...so please drop a note!!

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About me

First, let me get the "formal" stuff out of the way....

I am certified Master level, Transformational coach with a strong foundation in health, nutrition, anatomy & body mechanics. I am Reiki Master, an Astrologer and a trained Akashic Records Facilitator.

And there's more but I invite you to check out my Linked-In profile if you want more of a resume.

I'm also a single mom of 3 (a pre-teen daughter & twin boys), a reformed Private Banker, recovering perfectionist, and a psychic medium.

Nature & my yoga mat are my church, I charge my batteries in the sun, love a good run (and pasta but that's a side note) and feel most at home by the ocean.

Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon and Scorpio Rising.

So basically, I'm optimistic, highly intuitive, deeply feeling and not afraid of the deep dark sh*t.

My story...the cliff notes version

After spending over a decade as an advisor to wealthy families, my fire finally burned out and my life as I knew it went up in flames.  Marriage, health, career  - all of it.

Apparently, I like my lessons hard so I don’t forget them!

I was left standing there feeling both the pain of loss and the exhilaration of freedom....not knowing who I was anymore or what I wanted - only that I didn't want to repeat the pattern. I felt trapped by the life I'd worked so hard to build.

Dusting off the ashes I set out on a journey to take back control of my health and life. To find those pieces of myself that had been lost and left behind and to rebuild things in a better way. Along the way, I faced deep insecurities, fears, feelings of shame, guilt and some of my darkest, most frightening demons.

I walked through hell and almost didn't make it out alive.

But I did. I survived.

I came out wiser, freer and more alive than I had felt in a long time.

The journey led me back home. Home to myself.

A place where I no longer needed a mask to hide behind. A place where I could love and accept myself fully, wholeheartedly....and give my children the same.

I learned to trust myself again. To embrace my magic and stop fearing my own power.

I felt safe to be myself (quirks and all), to follow my desires, to put my needs at the top of the list and to say F*ck You to everyone else's expectations (and judgements) of me.

Now, I am on mission to guide other women back home to their badass, powerful selves. Helping them trust their inner guidance and navigate the flames of life so they can burn bright without burning out, feel more radiant, and so gloriously f*cking happy that everyone around them feels it too.

Let's Connect!

Does any of my story resonate with where you are in life? If so, please drop me a note (and even if it doesn't I would still love to connect with you!)