The Path Isn't Always Clear....

You've come to a crossroads in your life - a decision between continuing on the "safe" path or pivoting towards something more deeply fulfilling. A choice between what's best for everyone else and what's best for you.

That choice can feel hard AF as you weigh the pros and cons of staying where you are or listening to that voice that's screaming for a change.

You might make your lists, weigh your options, consult friends and mentors but STILL feel unsure, stuck and frustrated...even Google can't help you.

Your Soul Has The Answers....

An Akashic Reading allows you to ask those questions directly from the Universe, your Soul and your Soul's Advisory Council.

In a 50-60 minute session you will come away with clarity, perspective and a deeper connection to who you are as a soul and why you are here.

Oh a might also receive an energetic helping hand to heal (or clear) any old patterns & blocks that just keep getting in your way!

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"I had never had an Akashic Records reading before Jennifer offered one to me, so I wasn't sure what all to expect ahead of time. My experience with Jennifer prior to that reading was in the context of a women's circle whose focus was authentic, empowering leadership, and in that context I had always found her presence to be warm, bearing a sensitive awareness to all in her midst. That same warmth and awareness served as the vehicle and container for her facilitation of my Akashic Records reading. After an invitation to become grounded in the present moment through a period of open-hearted silence, she began her process, and through it she named in articulate, sense-stimulating visions that came to her. The visions became windows of imagination for me to understand my own journey better. From the visions she saw to the order in which they appeared to the occasional verbal message she received, all the pieces wove together in a tapestry for me to behold and use as lenses for witnessing my life's story in a non-dogmatic, exploratory way. Joining Jennifer on the journey through the Akashic Records was a profound and moving experience."

M. Kate Allen

During my Akashic Record reading with Jen, I felt so seen and recognized. Her energy felt similar to mine - homey and comfortable. She had me feeling relaxed and ready to receive very quickly. Several beautiful messages and imagery came through including a visit by my great grandmother. Her guidance both in the records and out was very supportive and nurturing. I'm so grateful for the experience together!

Lindsay Struchen

What to expect in a reading

An Akashic Reading is a beautiful experience unlike anything else. It is enlightening, healing and powerful.

Is it a Psychic reading?

While intuitive information can come through, it is not a psychic reading. My way to access the records is unique to me.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic record of every soul's journey here on Earth. Watch the video to hear more.

What an Akashic Records reading is not

While information about your health or future potential may come up in a reading - it is not fortune telling or medical diagnosis.

It's time to listen to what your Soul wants....and start living the life you are meant to live

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